2nd Annual Frisco Crawfish Festival "Claws for Paws"

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Sunday, April 2 2017 1:00 PM 7:00 PM

SECOND "annual" Frisco Crawfish Festival fund raiser for ( to be held Sunday April 2nd from 1-7 p.m. at Rockn S Bar and Grill located 9305 Preston rd. In 2016 we raised $5377.00 for this local NO KILL animal rescue group we will be back to do it again!  SEE more event details/music demos/pictures of past crawfish boils we have done on FACE BOOK "Frisco Crawfish Festival".    Frisco Crawfish festival was created by owner of Cajun Crawfish Company and this event will be a 3000-4000+ lb crawfish boil to benefit  Frisco based PRE SALES GREATLY desired to ensure we know how many pounds to boil!  3 pounds of crawfish plus red new potatoes and corn $20.00 (adult plate) OR childs (do not have to be a child fyi if you want less than three pounds!) plate:  1.5 pounds of crawfish plus veggies $10.00.  Crawfish available day of event BUT PRE sales desired so we know how many pounds to bring!  FAMILY event:  Bounce house will be set up for kids pending NO rain!  FREE Mardi Gras beads to kids and THREE local popular bands will perform live music from 1230-630 p.m.!  (Hope to start  the first main stage band early at 12:30)  Sons of Rio (same as last year) back patio from 1-3 p.m..  MAIN stage:  DFW own OVERDRIVE from 1230-3 p.m.  Playing classic rock/top 40 fun fun band!  HEADLINER 3:30-6:30 p.m.  The NAWLINS GUMBO KINGS from featuring well known local ZYDECO singer/wash board player Dennis Cavalier.  Hey if you know Zydeco, then you may have heard Dennis at events for the past 20 years!    VENUE WISE must you eat crawfish??  NO but if you like crawfish you'll love ours!  Always soaked never sprinkled!  Last year we sold just under 4000 pounds  and plant to do at least that this year in 2017!   MENU OTHER THAN CRAWFISH:  Rockn S is in the old grovers location BUT under new ownership.  They "promise" to deliver a paired down regular menu with better service re (more) servers and faster ticket times on BOTh food and drinks!  Much why we came back for the 2nd annual event!  SO if you dont like crawfish there will be other food!  Buy tickets now and we will check you in when you arrive at Rockn S.   YOU can have tickets printed or on your cell.  When you arrive...........we will have your name on a prited list of ANY pre sale guest to expedite check in just like last year.  Separate lines for cash/credit.  NO one waited more than 10 minutes to get their boiled crawfish!!  WE (cajuncrawfish Co.)  will be ready with all three trailers boiling them up.

Frisco Crawfish festival will help raise money for various non-profit orgnizations each crawfish season.  This (2nd year) event will raise money for whose mission is to help with pet adoptions/fostering etc!   RE CRAWFISH:   IF you like crawfish you will love ours!  NEVER sprinkled with dry hot seasoning.  We boil then we soak in cooler water so they stop cooking but only soak in the mix of dry/liquid seasoning we use!   "We season the meat you eat not the shell you throw to your feet"!  If you have had ours before then chances are you know the difference from many "local boils" you may have previously been too!   This is our 19th year of  conducting local crawfish boils with over 146,000 pounds sold in the DFW marlet during the 2016 season!   Frisco Crawfish Festival event concept was created by Frisco owner David Snell who wanted to start a local crawfish festival in Frisco that can benefit a charity or two each crawfish season!  We hope to see you and your families soon rain or shine!  PLEASE buy tickets here and check in when you get to Grovers, Sunday April 2rd 1-7 p.m.!  We will look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you, David Snell/Frisco Crawfish Festival  SEE updates on Cajun Crawfish Co Face Book and at